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Access for All.

Teaching Raman spectroscopy has been difficult to implement historically. With Reva, undergraduate students can 

practice Raman in a safe and simple way. 

Professors can now successfully prepare their students for the urgent demands of booming industries.

Read about the explosion of Raman spectroscopy jobs. 

Who is REVA for?

The Curious

Those that are eager to learn and are interested in the pursuit of knowledge will love Reva's teaching-based platform.

The Career-Driven

Reva allows students to better understand Raman spectroscopy, and this skill is vital to industries such as pharmaceuticals and forensics. 

The Thinker

Reva's intuitive platform and patented ball probe allow for consistent,  results. This means students can focus on the science, not the set up. 

Why Reva?

Access to Bio-Rad  Spectral Libary Software

Quick Screening

Maintenance Free

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Safe and Accessible


"Overall it is a neat, easy-to-use Raman instrument that produces beautiful spectrum. Sample preparation for this Raman instrument is such a breeze. It has been a great addition to our undergraduate curriculum."


— Jiangyue (Luna) Zhang,
Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Immaculata University

Our Mission

Our goal with the Reva Educational Platform is to train the next generation of scientists in another analytical technique that can be used for a variety of applications in the industrial world.  HPLC, UV-Vis/NIR/mid-IR spectroscopy are all widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & gas, food & beverage, and many more. However, many scientists are unaware of the potential of Raman spectroscopy as either a replacement or a complimentary technique to standard methods.  

Reva bridges that gap by offering an
easy-to-use Raman instrument and labs that introduce students to some of the potential applications of Raman and how they can be compared to other techniques.

Reva in Action!

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