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What if my students or I have questions about Reva?

The Reva educational 
material. Additionally, we have produced tutorial videos
that will go through the process step by step. 

Will integrating
Reva require changing my curriculum?

The Reva comes with set, professionally authored experiments to learn from.
To seamlessly introduce
the device, only one new lab experiment per course 
will be necessary. 

Why should my students use Reva versus other Raman equipment?

Most students don't have the opportunity to use
Raman spectroscopy until graduate school. Most of these expensive devices are made exclusively for research use. Reva has 
been specifically 
developed to be an educational platform, meaning it's completely student-friendly. 

How do I know my students will be safe using Reva?

Reva is a Class 1 laser device, meaning no safety training is required. The three safety interlocks, and the patented ball probe, 
allow for a tightly focused excitation and collection of 
light. This makes Reva intrinsically safe. 

Will Reva help
my students enter
the workforce?

Reva is a fantastic tool for students looking to enter an industry that utilizes Raman spectroscopy. The safety and simplicity of the device allows them to gain 
experience using a Raman device, while gaining
understanding of the theory behind the procedure. 

Reva's ball probe allows the laser light to go directly into the sample. This means that the results will be consistent and uniform, no matter how many times a sample is tested.

How accurate is  Reva?

Have more questions?

Please reach out to reva@hellma.com for any other inquiries.